E-Poster Presentation Guidelines

Candidates participating in E-Poster Presentation should have registered for the conference.

For Scientific Poster Presentation Purpose Contact :     ( DDICScientific@gmail.com )

  • 1.  Poster Presentations are ideal instruments for presenting research work and discussing it with others. It covers research and is a visual presentation of information.
  • 2.  All the Poster Presentations are categorized as: Original Research, Case Reports & Reviews.
  • 3.  It is a must for the authors to be Registered Delegates at the time of submission of presentation.
  • 4.  Title should be condensed based on the main aim of the poster.
  • 5.  It should be easily readable from a distance of 5 meters.
  • 6.  It should include all the names of the authors .
  • 7.  It should have a clear structure and layout with minimum amount of text.
  • 8.  Poster should have an Introduction to Problem / Hypothesis, an Overview of your Novel Approach, Results in Graphical Form, and Discussion of aforementioned Results       and if possible previously published articles pertaining to the results.
  • 9.  Posters should be understandable to the viewer without verbal explanation.
  • 10.  List a few references in the corner of the poster which can be displayed in a smaller font.
  • 11.  The abstract in not more than 250 words and the digital layout of the poster should be submitted.
  • 12.  Upload the abstract by logging in to www.digitaldental.in using your username and password sent to you after registration.
  • 13.  E-Poster Submission Categories:
    Year of studyPoster per college
    3rd Year BDS2 Posters, maximum 4 authors per poster
    4th year BDS (Final Year BDS)2 Posters, maximum 4 authors per poster
    Interns 2 Posters, maximum 4 authors per poster
    Post Graduate Students 6 Posters, maximum 4 authors per poster
    Faculty 2 Posters, maximum 3 authors per poster
    Practitioner 1 Posters per Practitioner , maximum 3 authors per poster
  • 14.  Last date for submission of the Poster abstract is 5th September 2019.
  • 15.  The selected Posters Authors will be informed by 6th September 2019
  • 16.  The Final Poster in the required format of .ppt by 11th September 2019.
  • 17.  There, best posters will be judged.



Landscape Poster Templates

  • PowerPoint Template, Slide Size [40.97X23.04 inches] *
  • Keynote Template, Slide Size [1920X1080 pixels]

Portrait Poster Templates

  • PowerPoint Template, Slide Size [23.04X40.97 inches]*
  • Keynote Template, Slide Size [1080X1920 pixels]

* Our displays are 47 inch wide screen monitors. The PowerPoint templates are set to the exact dimensions of our screens, so what you see in PowerPoint will match exactly to what you see on our monitors. If the monitor on your computer is a different size or aspect ratio, you *may* experience some distortion when you view your presentation, as powerpoint always has to scale the presentation to fit the screen it is being displayed on.